We are Grandezza - We implement strategies

We are Grandezza
Grandezza highly value their employees and want to be an attractive workplace. Our success depends on how well our consultants handle their assignments.
We think it's important to living values. They provide the framework within which we operate, which makes us a good partner for changes. We are actively seeking like-minded because successful teams share values​​.

We see that the professionalism that is appreciated by our clients consists of creativity and experience. We dare to challenge and test new ideas. The solutions we find by taking advantage of people's different backgrounds and simply having fun together - both on the job and off. With active reflection and feedback we teach our clients and learn from our customers. In this way we build up experience as individuals and together the team that performs even better together than individuals alone. It also means that we know each other and our customers so that we can perform our tasks with the customer rather than the customer.

For us at Grandezza is high skills and broad experience essential. Therefore, we run continuous development program for both individual and joint training. We have annual individual performance reviews as the basis for it. The joint training program, we have various development activities in which we both learn from each other and by bringing in external speakers that make up our skills.