Swedish Maritime Administration

This is so well-argued and verified. We really feel it will work.

Renée Modigh, Swedish Maritime Administration

The Swedish Maritime Administration (Sjöfartsverket) has, with some help from Grandezza, created a foundation for good communication in the business.

The initiative towards a high-quality, clear and well-established glossary of important terms and concepts became even more successful than they dared hope. Now the dictionary is on its way to improve cooperation with other agencies as well.

Maritime Administration had problems with vague definitions of the terms and concepts used, which had consequences in their databases and publications.

Grandezza, who has specialized in the field of terminology, led the effort until an agreed and enshrined in dictionary. Because it is so well-founded has aroused great interest in the glossary also on other agencies and will improve information quality.

— Grandezza’s consultant made sure that what we achieved can be used by the world around us. This is so well-argued and verified. We really feel it will work, says Renee Modigh, Coordinator of the terminology initiative at The Maritime Administration.