Niklas Post

One must dare to question that issues before pounding out a solution with hammer and nails.

Consultant profession has attracted Niklas from the start. Even when he had the line positions, he has always worked with change. It is very entrepreneurial and human contact that is the fun, he says:

- There are people who achieve results and my passion is to provide motivation and to remove barriers - daring, willing and able. This requires structured reflection at all levels. Reflection and happy in the group, is stronger than feedback.

Any organization cultivates the myth about himself and Niklas are driven to find the distance between myth and reality, strategy, and it is actually done. Daring to challenge the ingrained problem scenario and identify the actual need. Then it's about working with people, groups.

  • It will be a big difference in performance between a group of people who had been organized as a group compared to an appropriately composed group that exists to solve common problems.

And the biggest challenge, then? It is not to do everything at once, he says.

  • Many leaders are ambitious, want much. But before you decide to try to hammer home a solution with hammer and nails you have to dare to take a look at the picture of the problem and understand the frameworks that provide the basis for it. Are there alternative reference models providing other spaces? It becomes quite different solutions, depending on whether one sees the earth as flat or round - therein lies all the difference.

Anders Hallqvist about Niklas:
— Niklas has an amazing ability to both find the real core issues and identify workable solutions. He also has a great understanding of what change management really is. Niklas simply make just the right things and get with the client's organization on the trip. It's always fun to work with him!