National Patient Summary

It is really about patient safety!

Tomas Andersson, Grandezza

Swedish care providers are now deploying a National Patient Summary, NPÖ. Grandezza plays an important role in the venture.

Thanks to NPÖ important medical information becomes available to engaged care providers, regardless of where in the care process the patient currently is located. It facilitates collaboration and reduces the risk of error, which increases patient safety and quality of care. In addition, the care process gets more efficient thanks to reduced duplication of activities and search for information.

County councils, municipalities and private healthcare providers are working with the implementation. The large number of participating organizations was a challenge, says Tomas Andersson from Grandezza, who had the strategic role of program manager for the initiative. It was necessary to create a common understanding of the needs in care processes, so that everyone could contribute in the decision and have consensus on priorities.

Currently Grandezza also supports governance and development of the security services supporting NPÖ and other e-health services on behalf of Inera.

— NPÖ is really about patient safety. I think everyone can understand what it means to the individual patient that his or her care provider has access to important information, says Tomas Andersson.

NPÖ is a part of the Swedish National Strategy for eHealth. Read more at the Center for eHealth in Sweden and Inera.