LFV Air Navigation Services of Sweden

We have gained increased self-awareness and knowledge of how people react to change.

Britt Eriksson, HR-strateg

LFV (Air Navigation Services of Sweden) is now better prepared to handle changes. This is thanks to a comprehensive program in which all 120 managers working to improve their ability to manage and communicate change.

The program was started to prepare managers and employees for the changes and challenges that the business faces, in the form of, among other things, competition, organizational changes, efficiency programs and increased customer focus.

- For us it has great value to all managers received the same message and is at the same level of knowledge regarding leadership change, says Britt Eriksson, HR strategist at LFV Air Navigation Services of Sweden.

- The program creates awareness that different people can interpret the same situation very differently, and that change therefore requires strategically structured communication.

Grandezza Change Management consultants tailored the program in consultation with LFV's representatives.

- Grandezza consultants were skilled at reading our culture. Consciousness and the insights they created for us is the start of a long process LFV Air Navigation Services of Sweden concludes Britt Eriksson.