Karina Bergh

You have to be humble and listen between the lines. Things not said can be as important as what is said.

Karina has over 20 years of experience as a management consultant and business developer. She has experience in several industries and has worked with a wide range of missions, including process improvement, methodology and IT Development and Enterprise Business Architecture, but also to improve conditions for teamwork. This has made her sensitive to the complex situations customers often face. She says that it is in the assignments she learns the most, and that clarity and sensitivity are some of her strengths as a consultant.

— It is very important to encourage an open dialogue. I am clear about the possible way I see while I'm open to the problems and opportunities that the customer is facing.

— The path you choose may not always be straight. It is important to realize the changes taking place in parallel in the organization and to adapt the work, find alternative ways to move forward and execute.

— My experience of change management in various organizations has made it easier for me to relate to a new organization, and quickly see how I can contribute with my skills. It's incredibly inspiring to face new challenges and contribute to sustainable development for the client.

Jan Lindberg about Karina:
— Karina quickly dives into a new business, from an overall business perspective to staff challenges. Her ability to deliver what she commits creates confidence that change really is possible. When I need some good advice, I don’t hesitate to turn to Karina for her good judgment and integrity. For my own development's sake, I hope to soon work with Karina again.