Breakfast seminar: Improve your change management

Thursday morning February 6 was a seminar held about how to improve your change management and thus be more successful in achieving a lasting improvement in the organization's ability to create customer value. The seminar went through the success factors for the long-term profitability and competitiveness. It was also shown how to find their strategic challenges and how to break them down into designated areas for improvement and how to prioritize and choose the right based on business value ( customer value ) . Here were demonstrated Value Management contains and how to use the function analysis (FAST ) for this purpose . Then, as the issue was raised about how to enhance their ability to succeed in the implementation and how to avoid human factors have a negative impact on earnings. Research and experience show that the 50% is due to the leadership and employees flaws and shortcomings . Various aspects of how to handle this was highlighted and discussed. The importance of communication and involvement were highlighted.
The conclusion was :
  • Set a clear goal from the strategic plan what should be improved
  • Make sure to anchor the change among your stakeholders
  • Ensure that both management and the relevant parts of the organization understand and share views on how this should be done
  • Be patient and ensure that targets are achieved
  • Be prepared to constantly adjust course
More than 35 people attended the seminar.