Birgitta Ollongren

If I want to succeed in leading a person towards a specific goal, I must first find her where she is and start right there.
Sören Kierkegaard
Leadership development in all forms with support for individual managers and management groups in day-to-day 
operations is an important part of Birgitta's work as an organizational consultant. Within the framework of various 
change processes, she has worked with everything from the introduction of Lean to organizational changes, 
the improvement of working methods to the establishment of new units.

Birgitta has also designed and implemented everything from managerial and talent programs to mentorship and 
value-based work, as well as running assignments within the work environment with a focus on both climate and 

Birgitta has her deep expertise in HR and this also reflects her academic background as a behavioral scientist. 
In her working life, she has gained many different experiences in various industries such as healthcare and care 
and the transport sector. Through various professional roles as manager, project manager, and HR strategist, 
the tasks have provided a broad spectrum of knowledge.

  • When I see a boss's confidence and self-confidence grow with the task, then I feel an inner satisfaction 
    in my work as an organizational consultant. Then I know that the group is doing well too, that people 
    and business can develop in unison.