Anders Hallqvist

The best part is when you can give the customer that small extra, the unexpected value: An insight into how things really are connected.

Anders is a management consultant specializing in change management. He is stimulated by helping the client understand the big picture and see how the business really is connected. That is how he achieves the results and reduces the risk of sub-optimization. Anders started his career as a master of science in the telecommunications industry, but came in time to become increasingly interested in quality management, business improvement and change management.

— I strive to combine the hard, technical improvement methods with the soft skills. Both need to be addressed in order to achieve results.
— I want to reach the goal set out for the work and then you have to support people to be motivated, you have to help them realize "what's in it for me". Anders has extensive experience working with measurement systems for quality and productivity and change methodologies CMMI, Six Sigma and Lean. Change methods gives us a path to follow, but Anders suggests that you also must create an understanding of what the goals really means and 
 eliminate threats and obstacles in the way. Only then it is possible to achieve the goals.

— It's about making people dare to desire and desire to dare.

Gustav Rönne about Anders:
— Anders is unique in the sense that he does not just have both deep and broad understanding, but is also able to combine these two perspectives. That, along with his genuine interest in other people, makes him a really skilled consultant.