The project 'Citybanan', is a railroad project in Stockholm with a 6 km commuter train tunnel with two commuter train stations under the existing subway stations - a multi-billion project that opened and opened for traffic in the summer of 2017.

Grandezza has had several consultants involved in the project, both at the Swedish Transport Agency as planned and built the facility and at the Traffic Administration within the County Council, which received the completed stations and is responsible for the operator who operates the Citybanan.

Citybanan in Stockholm

LFV (Air Navigation Services of Sweden) is now better prepared to handle changes. This is thanks to a comprehensive program in which all 120 managers working to improve their ability to manage and communicate change.

LFV Air Navigation Services of Sweden

Tomas is a highly experienced management consultant and project manager with a focus on Change and Value Management. Tomas has extensive experience in most industries and expertise in business and IT development in health care. He is also frequently engaged as a speaker.

— In my work as a consultant, I often have the privilege to follow and hopefully facilitate the process that people, both as individuals and as a group, need to go through to develop their business. After all it is not possible to improve something without changing anything.

Tomas Andersson